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The top French outdoor brands are also going to enter the Chinese market

Moncler 2018 sales rose 20% in the first quarter of fiscal 2018, mainland China and Hongkong showed strong performance; Finland sporting goods group Amber Sports (Ya Mafen), which owns Arc 'Teryx', Salomon (Salomon), Wilson (Wilson) and other brands, revealed in the first quarter financial report of fiscal year 2018 that its Asia Pacific market sales growth led to all Market. Just recently, the Canadian luxury luxury brand Canada Goose (Canada goose) officially announced its expansion strategy in Greater China. Since 2011, the sports tourism market in China has been showing a double-digit growth trend, according to a study by Pu Hua consulting. It is expected that the market will grow by 30% every year in the next 5 years. Beijing is about to hold the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. The Chinese government has also issued a number of policies to support outdoor sports. With the popularity of the winter sports in the Chinese market, the demand for related products is rising, and …

New Blood was Injected into the Style of Moncler Jacket

So the brand unveiled the Moncler Genius creative project at the beginning of the year, inviting eight young fashion designers to start from the classic down jacket and carry out 8 series of creations. The first shot of the creative project was Japanese designer Fujiwara Hiroryo. DJ, vogue father, independent designer... He has a variety of identities, and he has extraordinary fashion sensitivity and influence. "People always think that street clothing is the culture of sneakers, but I think that's more than that. Street is more about your attitude." The Moncler Fragment collaboration was inspired by Teng Yuan Hao's musician background, and the word "Backstage" on the coat was one of the elements. The whole series takes black, gray and army green as the main colors, and the classic down coat and cowboy jacket are the main characters. Fragment's lightning - like brand logo is also perfectly integrated into the series, as Teng Yuan Hao said, "the f…